Join a Mental Health Community

Rely on us for group therapy services in the Miami, FL area

You don't have to go through mental health treatment alone. Heavenly Soul's Care LLC offers group therapy services in the Miami, FL area. We'll gather five-six people who are battling similar issues, like smoking, drug use, drinking, addiction, anger or PTSD. Then, our compassionate and experienced therapists will lead the group through helpful discourse that members will work together to build.

Interested in joining an addiction or depression support group? Reach out to us now to get group therapy services.

The benefits of group therapy

If you've never tried group therapy, consider joining one of our welcoming addiction or depression support groups. There are plenty of benefits, such as:

  • Feeling like part of a supportive community
  • Making connections with people to call outside of therapy
  • Being able to talk through your struggles with people who understand

And even though you're meeting in a group, our therapists go the extra mile to make sure your time is still personalized to what you need help with. Reach out to us now to start group therapy services.

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